Mezco Reveals Previews Exclusive Mortal Kombat X Series 1 Figure Variants

Mezco’s Mortal Kombat X Series 1 figures are out soon (series 2 isn’t far behind either) and just recently the company has revealed Previews exclusive Mortal Kombat X Series 1 figure variants. They will be available in all stores that have a Diamond Comics account (comic shops, online retailers, etc.), but do note that there will only be a limited amount produced.

I should also note that these variants only have cosmetic changes to the Series 1 figures. Scorpion is a blood variant, Sub-Zero is an ice variant and Raiden is a displacer variant.

I have to say I really like these variants, especially Sub-Zero and Raiden. More so Raiden, as he has translucent legs to appear he is teleporting; It’s very well done. Also Sub-Zero seems to have a new accessory in the ice ball which looks fantastic.

The articulation is exactly the same as the original figures. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get these though due to their availability. I will be getting the original figures for sure though.

If you’re a Mortal Kombat X fan and a big fan of any of these characters, these figures are a must have. They are to be released in July and will retail for $19.99 and you can pre-order them here.

By Bryan Stewart

Bryan first discovered an appreciation for action figures at an early age, setting up elaborate GI Joe ant hill attacks, complete with firework pyrotechnics. Due to the high injury rate for the Joes, replacements were a constant necessity.

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