Mezco One:12

Mezco One:12 Planet of The Apes Dr. Zaius Up For Pre-Order

Dr. Zaius!

As you may know, Mezco revealed a handful of new One:12 figures at Toy Fair a few weeks ago. Among those new announcements was the reveal that Mezco had the Planet of the Apes license and that they’ll be doing a One:12 figure of Dr. Zaius from the original film!

I have to say this was quite a big surprise that Mezco got the license to release Planet of the Apes One:12 figures. Then again this fits perfectly in their wheelhouse as just last year they released a Danger Diabolik figure.

I have to say this figure does look absolutely excellent, I was a big fan of NECA’s Planet of the Apes figures but I understand that they are completely different as this one is at a much higher price point than the NECA ones.

The likeness to Maurice Evans beneath the makeup is absolutely fantastic and they recreated the look of the makeup from the original film brilliantly on this figure!

The soft goods outfit looks great and fits in well with the sculpted pieces it looks seamless. The accessories look absolutely fantastic too and he comes with everything that he used in the film.

Now here’s the picture gallery and information released by Mezco just yesterday. Now if they could release a Cornelius (Roddy Mcdowall) and a Gorge Taylor (Charleton Heston) for this line I would be more than happy!

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