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Mezco One:12 Moon Knight

I want my enemies to see me coming!

Mezco recently put up their One:12 Collective Moon Knight up for pre-order. I’m a big fan of Moon Knight and I can see that this look is a bit like his traditional look but a bit more armored and I think it looks great as the armor takes nothing away from the great design.

I really love the detailing in his outfit especially in his gauntlets, boots, masked head and hood. The belt also looks terrific and his cape hangs off him very well.

Accessory wise Moon Knight comes with a semi unmasked head of Marc Spector, eight interchangeable hands, two interchangeable hoods, a crescent blade, a staff, a pair of nunchucks, and a grappling hook baton. Along with a Moon Knight base and an adjustable posing post.

Moon Knight is scheduled to be released in the fall of this year and I would love to get this figure as I’m such a big fan of the character and this figure looks incredible.

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