Mezco One:12 King Conan

Yesterday Mezco dropped a surprise pre-order for King Conan which they just revealed. It’s been a year since they released their first Conan figure. I missed out on their initial Conan figure and hoped they would do another one; doing a King Conan figure was a natural progression.

I really wanted the Conan figure which I unfortunately missed out on so I am thrilled to see this one. Just like the Conan figure he is incredibly well-detailed and comes with plenty of accessories. I’m familiar with King Conan from the Kurt Busiek comic book run and looking at images from those comics, I can see the inspiration.

The interchangeable and removable armor & capes. are a great touch and the selection of weapons is great. All the head sculpts look incredible. I’m guessing the weapons will attach to the harness in some way like with the previous Conan figure. The capes look excellent and I particularly like the lion-head clasped one.

This figure is scheduled to be released next summer and is available to pre-order now at all good retailers. It will cost $100 US Dollars & £100 here in the UK. I have pre-ordered mine and I cannot wait for it!

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