Mezco One:12 Jungle Hunter Predator Up For Pre-Order

If it bleeds we can kill it

Earlier this year Mezco revealed that that they would be doing a Mezco One:12 Jungle Hunter Predator from the original 1987 classic The Predator and today Mezco has put the figure up for pre-order.

If your a fan of this site and our Youtube channel you already know how much I am a fan of NECA’s Predator line which has grown from strength to strength over the years. I was very excited and intrigued by the idea of Mezco releasing a One:12 Predator as Predator is one of my favorite licenses and the original film is one of my favorite films.

Like all Mezco’s One:12 figures the Jungle Hunter Predator looks incredible and very well detailed. I should note that the Mezco One:12 figures are about 6″ whilst NECA’s Predators are in the 7″ scale and they are fantastic figures. As Mezco’s One:12 figures come in at a higher price point than the NECA ones you do get quite a lot more such as more accessories and light-up features as well. Though I think comparing them is a bit pointless as the figures aren’t even in the same price range. as NECA’s Predator’s range for around $30 whereas the Mezco’s One:12’s cost around $80.

I have to say for how much you’re paying for this release I definitely think you’re getting your money’s worth with this figure. I really like that he comes with the medic parts for his backpack. The interchangeable mandibles are a great idea and it’s something we don’t often see in Predator action figures. It’s great that the NECA Ultimate Jungle Hunter and the Mezco One:12 figure come with pretty much the same features so it’s completely up to you on which one you prefer and personally l love both!

If your a big fan of Predator this figure is a must-have and I know it certainly is for me if I had the funds for it. It’ll be released next summer and will cost you around $100 because of the electronic features. I do wonder if Mezco has more plans for Predator figures.

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