Mezco One:12

Mezco One:12 G.I. Joe Snake Eyes

During Toy Fair Mezco revealed two more G.I. Joe figures which were Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. Mezco has now put Snake Eyes up for pre-order and showed off the gallery for him and he looks fantastic! This look is definitely inspired by the classic look for Snake Eyes and a combination of the Commando Snake Eyes and Snake Eyes from the Classified Line

I really love the look of this figure, especially on the mask where you can see a leathery texture to it. He comes with plenty of accessories and I am surprised that he comes with two different swords. One more inspired by the original sword and a more modern one. He also comes with another iconic weapon the Uzi submachine gun, knife, and pistol, and a whole host of other weapons including throwing knives, grenades, and shurikens. He also comes with two other smaller swords and a three-piece nunchucks (forgot its name)

You also get some sweet effect pieces and you’ll also get an articulated figure of Timber with an interchangeable head. I am curious to see how it’ll look and how articulated it is. It’s going to be difficult to top the recent Classified one which is fantastic.

This figure is scheduled to be released next Spring and is not a Mezco Store exclusive is a must-have for G.I. Joe Fans.

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