Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Frankenstein's Monster Action Figure with Doorway Diorama News

Mezco’s One:12 Collective Frankenstein’s Monster with Doorway Is Here!

Mezco’s One:12 Collective Frankenstein’s Monster is just misunderstood! All he wants is to be loved!

Mezco’s One:12 Collective Frankenstein’s Monster and Doorway Diorama has recreated a miniature version of the set of the classic 1931 Frankenstein, bringing to life one  of the most famous scenes across the entire Frankenstein mythos. A looming doorway illuminating the hulking, formidable outline of Frankenstein’s monster, emerging ominously from the lab to wreak havoc on a sleepy German town. If you’re a Frankenstein fan, then this set is a must-buy. The previously released Frankenstein’s Monster action figure can now be purchased in a set with a highly-detailed doorway diorama depicting the old, musty lab wall, complete with a moving door and trunk.

What’s up with the One:12 Collective Frankenstein’s Monster figure?

The figure is the first of the One:12 Collective’s Universal Monster series, which hopefully will include other Universal Studio classics like Nosferatu and the Wolf Man eventually! For now, you can purchase the hyper-realistic figure, based off Boris Karloff’s 1931 Frankenstein’s monster. Mezco is calling the figure super articulated, so you can ensure a wide range of cool poses.

What does Frankenstein’s monster look like?

Frankenstein’s monster comes painted as the original black and white film portrayed him, forgoing the green skin that most renditions of the figure use. The skin texture looks incredibly realistic, and the figure is covered with the classic sutures, bolts, and blackened decaying fingernails. The greasy slicked down hair looks exactly like Boris Karloff’s from the film, and the hand-sewn costume looks starched and ill-fitting, just as it should! The monster also comes wearing his black gigantic platform boots that add to his towering height. The figure also comes with an interchangeable angry/snarling head sculpt (the figure comes with a forlorn head sculpt), and interchangeable clawing/grasping hands. The hands are switched out at the elbow, so there’s no wrist articulation, but it definitely looks more realistic.

Does it come with accessories?

In addition to the nightmares (included with purchase), Frankenstein’s monster also comes with a pair of antique shackles with a real metal chain, and a very cool round black and silver base that has the iconic electricity and metal conductor thingies that brought the monster to life. The base comes with a removable clear plastic stand to hold the monster upright.

What’s happening with the doorway diorama?

The doorway diorama, which can be purchased separately for those who already have the figure, includes the “rough-hewn stone” wall and creaky wooden floorboard base with embedded magnets for easy assembly. Both the wall and base are made of polystone, as well as the functioning heavy-looking wooden door. The set also comes with a cardstock backdrop to add the illusion of depth, and a film-accurate trunk.

How much does the exclusive doorway diorama set cost?

Frankenstein’s monster can be bought for $70 separately on Entertainment Earth, or as a set with the brand new doorway diorama for $160 as an online Mezco Toyz exclusive. The separate figure is shipping now, but the monster+diorama set is on pre-order and expected to ship early spring 2017.

You can pre-order the doorway diorama separately for $105, and it is also expected to ship early 2017.

Photos of the One:12 Collective Frankenstein’s Monster Action Figure and Doorway Diorama

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Frankenstein's Monster Action Figure with Doorway Diorama

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