Mezco One:12 Collective Magneto

The Brotherhood of Mutants Leader Gets The One:12 Treatment

At Toyfair this year Mezco revealed that they’ll be releasing a Magneto One:12 Collective figure. Mezco have released a number of One:12 X-Men characters already including multiple Wolverines, Deadpools, Cable, Cyclops and the upcoming Gambit figure.

Like all One:12 figures Magneto incorporates a mix of soft goods and plastic and that works perfectly for Magneto. Having the collar, gauntlets, and boots made of plastic and the rest of his costume made of fabric. I love all the little lining details that they included in the fabric parts of the costume. What’s also great is that the cape has a wire in it so it too can be put in various positions.

I really love the heads as well. The focused and concentrated look for the helmeted head is fantastic and the alternate unmasked head is equally fantastic and I love the classic look to it. The only accessory that I think is missing is the helmet on own so he can hold it.

Speaking of accessories Magneto comes with six interchangeable hands, three interchangeable effect hands (a left and a right and another left) as well as a display stand and a support arm. The effect hands are brilliant especially the gun disassembling hand.

This figure is an absolute must have and I would absolutely love to get my hands on it!

I should note this figure will be released in December 2019 and February 2020 and it’ll cost $80.

By Samuel Demchy-Cooper

Samuel is from the UK. He is an avid film fan and critic and a very passionate action figure collector. Basically he's a bit of a nerd. He collects mostly NECA, Mcfarlane's The Walking Dead line, Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series, Marvel Legends and some Play Arts Kai. He would love to collect even more high end figures someday. He also does digital art, collect films on Blu-Ray, and is a voice artist.

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