Mezco One:12 Cable

Everyone’s favorite time-traveling mutant joins the one:12 collective line

At SDCC earlier this year Mezco revealed their Cable One:12 Collective figure. Over the last two years, Mezco has been releasing a steady stream of Marvel characters in their One:12 Collective line. Now Cable is joining their ranks.

I’m not entirely sure on what comic book story/art this Cable is based on, but I do really love the design. Cable is wearing a light bright blue bodysuit, with chest armor and tactical boots. Of course, Cable has his slicked backed grey hair and his cybernetic arm. I should note that there is a light up features in his chest armor and heads.

Like with all of Mezco’s One:12 Collective figure Cable is extremely well detailed, highly articulated and comes packed with accessories.

The detail in the armor, arms, boots, and heads are extraordinary. The paint job as well is super clean. I love the scratches in his armor which shows Cable has been using the armor for some time. The cybernetic arm looks fantastic as well.

Accessory wise Cable comes with plenty including:

  • Eight Interchangeable hands including:
  • pair of fists
  • a pair of posing hands
  • a pair of gun holding hands
  • a pair of holding hands

as well as:

  • knife
  • handgun
  • grenade launcher
  • plasma cannon
  • two interchangeable heads normal & angry
  • display base with logo
  • support display post

The detail on the accessories is fantastic, especially on the plasma cannon which has a light up feature and two removable magazines. The grenade launcher has a rotating carousel which is a really nice added touch. It should be noted that the pistol can be holstered on his belt and the knife in the sheath on one of his thighs.

I have to say the headsculpts are incredible and oddly enough he looks a lot a younger Rutger Hauer. Especially un the close-up shots it looks a lot like him. The scarring on both heads are great and they both have a light up feature as well.

This is a fantastic looking figure and a must have if your a fan of the One:12 Marvel figures.

This figure will cost a bit more than your average One:12 figure due to light up feature in his plasma cannon, head(s) and armor. He’ll cost you $100 and will be released next summer.


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