Mezco Con Summer 2021 Reveals

At the end of last week Mezco held their SDCC event which is called Mezco Con and during this event, they revealed a number of products which were mostly teasers for upcoming products. Here’s a list of their reveals:

#0 – High Roller Exclusive Bundle
#1 – Living Dead Dolls Halloween III Box Set
#2 – One:12 Collective Joker Gotham by Gaslight
#3 – One:12 Black Skulls Death Brokers Exclusive Set
#4 – 5 Points Ultraman Ultraseven & Alien Metron
#5 – One:12 Dick Tracy and Flat Top
#6 – 5 Points Popeye & Bullo Oxheart Boxed Set
#7 – One:12 Collective 2099 Spider-Man Revealed
#8 – One:12 Collective G.I. Joe Firefly
#9 – 18 Inch Godzilla
#10 – One:12 Collective Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head
#11 – MDS Batman 66 Batman and Robin
#12 – One:12 Collective Robin

I personally was very impressed with all the reveals that they showed. I’m personally more interested in their One:12 more than anything else that they revealed, though I was really impressed with the 18″ Godzilla that they revealed which looks mightily impressive. It’s always great to see them expand their One:12 lineup with some more characters and new properties.

If you are a fan of Mezco you know that they have their own line of One:12 figures and the Black Skulls Death Brokers set is the latest addition to that lineup and like all figures in this line they are a Mezco Exclusive.

They revealed the latest G.I. Joe One:12 figure and it’s no other than Firefly and at this point in time, we don’t know anything about this figure and when he will be released and he does look amazing. A real surprise announcement was the Silent Hill license with the One:12 figure of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 coming out. I do wonder if they have the license to any other Konami licenses? I would love to see Castlevania One:12 figures and I think it’s likely to happen.

Speaking of new licenses I was really surprised to see them releasing a Dick Tracy and Flat-Top One:12 figures. I know fans have been waiting for new Dick Tracy figures for years and quite honestly I didn’t expect them to get the license and I have to say these figures look absolutely fantastic and much more like their comic book counterparts. They also revealed a new Spider-Man figure and this is the Spider-Man 2099 and he looks great and the soft goods don’t look oversized at all and like most of the figures that they have revealed during the event, we have no idea when he’ll be released.

Earlier this year Mezco released the Gotham By Gaslight Batman which was a Mezco Exclusive and now to accompany him they have revealed that they’ll be releasing a Gotham By Gaslight Joker and looks amazing and very much like Gwynplaine from The Man Who Laughs which of course was a key inspiration on the look of the Joker. Also much like Batman he will be a Mezco exclusive and will be up for pre-order tomorrow (7/27/2021) which is unfortunate for me as I live outside of the USA and I don’t have that much money to pay for the figure, shipping, and import fees so I sadly have to miss this one too. Speaking on the subject of Batman they dropped a teaser for a One:12 Robin and we have no idea what he’ll look like yet but I am sure we’ll know more in time.

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