Mega McFarlane Toys Reveals!

During last week and the weekend, McFarlane Toys showed a number of new products from their biggest licenses including the DC Multiverse and Spawn. They revealed a lot of new DC Multiverse figures and some of them are pretty out there but they look fantastic.

For the DC line, they revealed a new wave of figures from Dark Knight Metal and New 52. For Spawn, they revealed Wave 3 (I think Wave 2 is just started hitting stores now and is up for pre-order here in the UK on Toysarama) Not only did they reveal a new wave of figures but the next Kickstarter Spawn figure has been teased too.

The next lot of DC Figures are Batman Duke Thomas, Earth 22 Infected Batman, The Joker Dragon Vehicle, and Gold Label Unmasked Zer En Arrh. There is no build-a-figure for this wave. I am not familiar with these characters that much at all but I really like the look of them and the Joker Dragon is a really wild idea but looks great. What was leaked but I can’t show here is when they showed off the Joker Dragon someone found an image of upcoming deluxe DC figures that are coming soon and on the image were pictures of Man-Bat and Killer-Croc based on his appearance in the Arkham games and he looked fantastic.

On the Spawn side, they revealed Wave 3 for the Spawn line and in the wave, there’s a mega figure of Overtkill, Raven Spawn (Small Hook), Haunt, Deluxe Throne Set, and Ninja Spawn. The Overtkill figure does look good but I think that the paint is a little lacking in my opinion. The Deluxe Throne set looks great and I really like the idea of it but the half cape does look a bit silly when the figure is standing up wearing the cape. The figure itself looks fantastic and if I get this set I would have the figure permanently sitting down on the throne.

I am not that familiar with Haunt but I do like his design. I’m sure he’s one of the Spawn villains though. The paint deco on him looks great and I love the use of black and white it brings out all the details very well and I do love the look of all of his accessories.

Then there’s Raven Spawn who is very similar to his last release in the first wave, though this time he has a slightly different paint deco and comes with a smaller hook accessory. This is great for those who missed out on the original release. Finally, there is Ninja Spawn who I have been really looking forward to and he doesn’t disappoint. He definitely stands out from the other versions of Spawn that we’ve gotten so far. The detailing on him looks great and all four swords look fantastic as well.

Also, McFarlane revealed the next Kickstarter Spawn figure which they first hinted at a while ago which was Medieval Spawn, they have now shown off a few looks at it, like the soft goods cape, the diecast chest armor, and a look at the unpainted shield. I expect that the figure will be revealed soon. My only problem is that the Kickstarter will start about the same time as the NECA TMNT Pre-Orders so I’ll have to decide which one I want more…

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