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MEGA Marvel Legends Reveals!

Hasbro Reveal Some New Exciting Marvel Legends At The European Conventions.

Hasbro has been on a roll this year so far with all their exciting reveals at various conventions. That trend continues with reveals at Paris Comi-Con and MCM London.

Firstly, in Paris, they revealed Grey Gargoyle, Loki and Genis-Vell. Then at MCM in London, they revealed Six Arm Spider-Man, Puma,  Beast, Citizen V, and Union Jack

It’s unclear in what waves these figures will be in, though you can be sure Beast will be in an X-Men wave in 2019. Genis-Vell will probably be in the Captain Marvel wave and Loki will be in an Avengers wave.

I have to say these look fantastic figures especially the Loki, Beast, Citizen Z, and Union Jack. The paint work on them is exceptional. I know that some of these characters haven’t been updated since the Toybiz days or haven’t been in the 6″ scale before. Such as Union Jack and Six-Arm Spider-Man.


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