Mega Bloks Reveals a New Assassin’s Creed Unity Set!

Through their collector Twitter account on November 11, Mega Bloks revealed a brand new set to coincide with the release of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Adding to their immensely popular army builder sets, Mega Bloks will be offering a French troop pack containing four soldiers and a green & brown robed Assassin. In addition to the figures, the set will feature a small display base representing the revolutionary streets of Paris, complete with a real fabric flag! This is a pleasant surprise, as earlier this year the building brand stated that the current collection of Fall 2014 sets was all to be released prior to 2015.


I reached out to Mega Bloks on their collector Twitter account and they confirmed that this set will see a release this year. Even better, it is estimated to arrive before the holidays. Based on the slightly early release of the current Fall 2014 sets, it’s fairly safe to presume the set will grace the shelves of your favorite retailer later this month. As of now, the set remains unnamed.

Based on the inclusion of this green Assassin, I can only assume they are intending to at least relatively recreate the vanilla co-op designs from the game’s cover.

At the same time, this set is certainly a welcome addition to the recently reviewed Cannon Strike. It’ll nicely compliment a Unity themed display and hopefully is indicative of more sets inspired by the new game (fingers crossed we get a guillotine set!).

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By Nick Lenihan

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