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3 Comments on Medicom Real Action Hero Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Link

  1. Isabella

    This seems so cool, but the price is way out there, but I don't see why. As a huge fan, this is something I would like to get my hands on.

    When I was younger, I would play with Barbies all the time. Let's see how Brabie and Link are similar. Some Barbie's are jointed(cleaning my room, I came across some Barbie's that are jointed in the arms and legs. Regular ones just bend at the knees, which I own too.), so is this Link. Barbie's are made of plastic, so is Link. Barbie comes with fabric clothes, so does this Link. Barbie comes with accessories, so does this Link. Barbie is 11.5 inches tall, Link is 12 inches tall. That's still close.

    Barbie's are around $20 and Link is around $160 to $200. Why??? The only differences I see is that Barbie's hair is made of nylon, not plastic and that Link is a boy. Is it because he is rare? It isn't made of solid gold. If it was, I can see it being outrageously priced, but it isn't. So what gives?

    I should see what it costs after the figure unleashes.

    • I can agree with you on this one. The price for this figure (and the entire RAH line by Medicom) is really outlandish. The quality in their figures is sub-par, so they shouldn't be so expensive.

      For the pricing you do have to consider that the figure comes with more accessories, better paint applications, better quality clothes, and better articulation than a Barbie. Worth $200? I think not. I too really want this figure, but the price is just way to far out there on this guy.

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