Medicom Gets Funky With New Daft Punk Action Figures

Discovery themed Daft Punk action figures from Medicom

So, my very first exposure to Daft Punk was with Around the World, as I’m sure it was for many people. It was simple, catchy as hell, and nearly two decades later, it still pops into my head at least a few times a month. Since that time, the mysterious electronic DJ duo have been continued to release music (most recently, Get Lucky and Lose Yourself To Dance occupy a similar place in my head) play shows, and even found time to provide an excellent score to the Tron: Legacy movie. So it’s only fitting that Medicom is releasing new Daft Punk action figures as part of their Real Action Heroes line (which has also seen musicians such as Pharrell Williams get an action figure.)

Previous Daft Punk Action Figure From Medicom

Before we get into the new figures, it’s worth noting that this is not Medicom’s first rodeo when it comes to Daft Punk action figures. They previously released figures based around Daft Punk’s “Human After All” look, which they recently updated with version 2 figures (you can order this version of Manuel here and Thomas here) that featured improved clothing material, body types and the sculpting techniques now standard in their Real Action Heroes line. They also released figures showing the duo in their “Random Access Memories” duds (you can order this version of Manuel here and Thomas here) and even some white suit variants (you can order this version of Manuel here and Thomas here).

Details on Medicom’s New Daft Punk Action Figures

These new figures are based off the eclectic duo’s appearance from the time period of the “Discovery” album. The figures will be roughly 12 inches (30 cm) tall, and be fully articulated for maximum posing power. Along with new body styles, the figures feature LED light up functionality for their helmets, and will come with a stand.


These new Daft Punk action figures are available at Hobby Link Japan at a price of 24,120 Yen, or $227.48. (Click here for Thomas, and here for Manuel.) The figures are currently set for a May 2017 release date.

By Anders Clark

Anders Clark loves action figures and grew up with Star Wars figures, Battle Beasts, MOTU and more.

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