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McFarlane Toys The Witcher 3 Geralt 12″ Statue revealed!

Earlier this year it was revealed that McFarlane Toys had got the license to The Witcher 3 and that they’ll be releasing figures and statues based on the iconic video game. We haven’t seen any of the figures yet, but last night McFarlane Toys dropped the preview of the 12″ Geralt statue that they’ll be releasing in November this year.

I have to say McFarlane Toys has done a tremendous job with this statue of Geralt from the Witcher 3. The detailing on the statue is incredible with all the intricate details in his armor. The detailing in the severed Harpy heads is especially gruesome.

I am very happy that he comes with both his silver and steel swords, looking at how his empty hand is sculpted to hold one of the swords which I don’t doubt you’ll be able to do. Probably by removing the pommel of one of the swords so you can slide the hilt through his hand. The accessories are listed as his silver and steel swords and a Witcher 3 base.

I hope that this statue will be released internationally as I would really love to get it. The only reason that I mention that is because the Mortal Kombat figures are a pain to get hold of here in the UK and I hope it isn’t the same for the Witcher 3 products.

Finally, I should mention if your wondering where the 7″ fully articulated figures are, they are on the way and are expected to be released next year and I’m very excited to see those!

This statue will cost around $40 and will be available to pre-order from October this year.

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