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McFarlane Toys Summer Showcase 2022.

On the 14th of July, McFarlane Toys started their Summer Showcase event which goes from the 14th to the 15th of July and during that event McFarlane Toys reveal a wide range of products from their biggest licenses such as DC Multiverse and Spawn.

Yesterday they revealed a number of statues and action figures and the list is as follows:

  • DC Multiverse Rebirth Deathstroke
  • DC Multiverse Target Exclusive Gold Label Ocean Master
  • DC Direct Black Adam Statue
  • DC Direct Dr. Fate Statue
  • DC Multiverse Megafig Blackest Night Nekron
  • DC Multiverse Megafig Comic Bane
  • DC Multiverse Court of Owls Talon
  • DC Super Power Line

As you can see all the reveals are DC-related and mostly DC Multiverse figures. Most of the figures are Batman themed with a Green Lantern character and an Aquaman character. The statues look fantastic and are very well detailed especially for the price point.

The Super Powers line looks very exciting and really retro and I love it. The figures look great in the packaging and I love the classic costume on the figure I am very keen to see these in person. This line will be a Walmart exclusive in the States and I don’t know when the figures will be available outside the US.

The figures do look highly detailed and have fantastic looking sculpts with a few standouts like the Ocean Master, Nekron, Bane, and Talon. I love the look of these, especially Bane and Talon which is a perfect army builder and you can be sure you would want a good number of these in your collection. All of these figures will be released in September of this year. These are available to pre-order in the States but not here in the UK yet

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