McFarlane Toys Store Exclusive Munitions Pack Revealed!

As you know McFarlane has the license to do DC figures, but for almost two years Warner Bros have placed a ‘no guns with DC figures and statues’ rule on merchandise which has prevented McFarlane from releasing DC products with firearms. Now, McFarlane Toys have found a loophole by releasing a Munitions Pack, a McFarlane Toy Store exclusive.

In this pack, you get fifteen firearms which are in the 7″ scale to be used with McFarlane Toys Spawn and DC figures. As you can see some of the firearms are designed to go with certain figures as you can see Peacemaker’s main weapon here. I don’t know if this is available internationally or not and it will cost $14.99 which is a very reasonable price for what you get. If I knew this was available internationally I would definitely consider getting it.

The selection of firearms is great from revolvers, SMGs, and pistols. to heavier weapons like a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher. I do wonder if other toy companies like Hasbro would follow suit for their G.I. Joe Classified line.

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