McFarlane Toys Reveal Walking Dead Comic Series 4 and TV Series 7.5 Prototypes

As many of you may know, a short while ago McFarlane Toys teased a figure that’ll be released in The Walking Dead TV Series 7.5. A few months earlier than that they showed the silhouette of the figures that would make up The Walking Dead Comic Book Series 4.

Now they’ve shown the prototypes off for the said figures and another figure from The Walking Dead TV Series 7.5 series. First I’ll cover the TV Series 7.5 figures.

In this series the two figures will be Flu Walker and Woodbury Assault Rick Grimes. Without a shadow of a doubt these figures come from Seasons 3 and 4 of the show.

The Flu Walker looks to be a fresh walker hence he does not look so ravaged as the others. He comes with no accessories, though he has 22 points of articulation. You may remember him from season 4 of the show when they had the flu epidemic.

The Woodbury Assault Rick Grimes looks awesome. It’s near the same figure that we got in Series 6 though the head sculpt looks a bit different. It looks like it has a different paint job on it. The other changes are that he has a blue plaid shirt, assault rifle and home phone. He also comes with the silenced pistol, colt python and machete that the Series 6 figure came with. The home phone is a very interesting, as it’s from a very specific and pivotal episode from Season 3. I know that I have the Series 6 Rick Grimes but I need to get this one as well. He also has 22 points of articulation.

The Comic Book Series 4 figures do look really interesting and like Series 3 they’ve given us a very interesting line up. In this series we’ll be getting Abraham Ford, Carl Grimes, Paul “Jesus” Monroe and Pin Cushion Zombie.

The Pin Cushion Zombie’s name is very apt indeed, as he’s been stabbed with multiple weapons of those who failed to kill him. They didn’t go for the brain and now he’s lumbered with their weapons. He includes a pitchfork, two hunting knives, classic knife, kitchen knife, hatchet and katana. Hopefully these will be removable so that you could give some of the figures these accessories to hold.

This is the second Paul “Jesus” Monroe figure that we’re getting and this one is completely different from the last one. This iconic heroic character appears in his motocross armor with his hair pulled back giving him a post apocalyptic samurai look. He’ll come with his signature sword with sheath and pistol. Since I couldn’t get the previous version I’ll definitely be getting this one.

Abraham Ford is another iconic character in this series and this is his debut into the comic book line. His outfit is based on his first appearance and iconic look in the comics and looks near the same (aside colors and head sculpt) as the TV series version. He comes with an assault rifle, backpack, pistol and pitchfork. I can’t wait to get this one.

The best figure in this series for me is without a shadow of a doubt Carl Grimes. He’s a must have there’s no doubt about it. This figure represents before and after being hit with a stray bullet on the right side of his face, which has left him blinded and scarred. I really do like this figure of the survivor struggling to hold on to his humanity. I really love the overall look of this Carl figure. He comes with two interchangeable heads, one being clean and the other wounded, along with the bandaged head, which comes on him. Two interchangeable heads is a first for this series. He also comes with an assault rifle and a removable sheriff hat that looks pretty beaten up.

All these figures will be released in July of this year and are available to pre-order on BBTS. If you buy the figures on their own they cost $14.99 each. The Series 7.5 figure set of 2 costs $28.99 and The Walking Dead Series 4 complete set costs $54.99. If you’re a fan of the comic, the show and the toy lines these are a must have for sure.

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