McFarlane Toys Mortal Kombat 11 New Packaging Shots!

Finish Him!

Just yesterday McFarlane Toys revealed new packaging shots of some of their upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 figures which are Noob Saibot, Kabal, Lui Kang (Fighting Abbot Variant), and Shao Khan (Platnium Khan Variant)

I should mention that the standard retail versions of Lui Kang and Shao Khan which is the next wave to be released will be released in a few months times. Whereas these variants will be released alongside the Noob and Kabal Wave. It’s unknown when these figures will be released as the release dates for McFarlane’s Mortal Kombat figures are a bit confusing.

We saw all four of these figures towards the end of last year and I was really impressed with them especially the Kabal and Noob figures as they are brand new figures and no company has released figures of these characters before. I’m glad that we’re getting more characters in McFarlane’s Mortal Kombat 11 line and I hope we see more characters in the line and hopefylly some more female combatants to go with Kitana.

By Samuel Demchy-Cooper

Samuel is from the UK. He is an avid film fan and critic and a very passionate action figure collector. Basically he's a bit of a nerd. He collects mostly NECA, Mcfarlane's The Walking Dead line, Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series, Marvel Legends and some Play Arts Kai. He would love to collect even more high end figures someday. He also does digital art, collect films on Blu-Ray, and is a voice artist.

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