McFarlane Toys Medieval Spawn Kickstarter Coming Soon

After the massive success of the McFarlane Toys Spawn Kickstarter that McFarlane Toys did earlier this year and it made over three million dollars! Unfortunately, I had to miss out on that one due to the lack of funds but I have been keeping up with the updates Todd has been putting out on the upcoming figure which is meant to be shipping next month and it looks absolutely fantastic!

So it’s not really a surprise for me that McFarlane Toys are going to do another Kickstarter with another popular iteration of Spawn: Medieval Spawn!

I’ve seen Todd’s Facebook video about the upcoming Kickstarter where he showed off the Medieval Spawn statue that came out a few years ago and talked about his ideas for the upcoming Kickstarter and I have to say I am very excited about it!

At this point in time, it’s unclear when the Kickstarter will start but I’m sure Todd will keep us up to date and will let fans know when it starts and I’m guessing will be either later this year or early next year. I’ll be very curious to see what the tier levels will be and what will come with each price point. I don’t think it’ll be too expensive to the ship to the UK at an affordable tier and I’ll definitely be interested in getting one.

Here’s a breakdown of what McFarlane Toys have planned for the Medieval Spawn Kickstarter:

  • Fully articulated 7″ scale figure
  • Assorted weapons such as axes, swords, and shields
  • He’d like some of the weapons to be diecast metal
  • Five different masked heads, some with articulated face shields to show the face underneath
  • Unmasked portrait

Note: The images are of the medieval Spawn statue which Todd showed in the video.

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