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McFarlane Toys Gold Label Edition Batman Revealed

Just earlier today McFarlane Toys revealed their first figure in a brand new line called McFarlane Gold Label Editon. And the first figure in the series is Batman.

This Gold Label Edtion will consist of pop culture characters that McFarlane Toys have the property rights to. Though the figures will be designed by Todd McFarlane himself. I have to say personally I really love the design of this Batman figure. I really love the gothic and sort of steampunk feel to it and the dark colors work very well. Also, I really love the head sculpt too!

If you are wondering if this figure will feature articulation it will have the same articulation as the DC Multiverse figures and here’s a link from Todd’s Facebook account to prove it!

The only problem that I have with this line is that it’ll be a Walmart exclusive in the States and I’m not sure if it’ll be available in the UK as I have a very hard time finding the MK figures especially the elusive Spawn figure…

Anyway, I have to say this figure looks absolutely excellent and I would really love to get it!

Here’s the official press release from McFarlane Toys

Fresh off the heels of DC Fandome, we’re giving you all an epic sneak peek of BATMAN™️ designed by the one and only Todd McFarlane! Coming out 2021, as part of our McFarlane Gold Label Collection.

The McFarlane Gold Label Collection will feature characters from your favorite pop-culture and entertainment brands. All figures released in the McFarlane Gold Label Collection will be highly limited and showcased in limited-edition packaging with a McFarlane Gold Label Collection Foil Label.

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