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McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones Arya Stark Update

Arya Stark Looks Fantastic!

Just before Christmas McFarlane Toys gave us a closer look at Arya Stark from the first series of figures from the Game of Thrones line. So far we’ve had a closer look at Jon, Daenerys and now we’ve gotten a closer look at Arya we only need a closer look at the Night King, though I’m sure we’ll get a closer look at him before the figures launch in April of next year.

As you can see Arya is wearing the costume she wore in Season 6/7. Accessory wise she comes with a Valyrian Steel Dagger and her sword Needle. The detailing on the figure is outstanding especially in her costume it looks great for a figure in the 6″ scale.

The likeness to Maisie Williams is okay though that may be down to the lighting, I’m sure that it’ll look better in hand. Even though if it’s not that great I’ll still get it as she looks pretty darn good and the other figures in this wave look brilliant.

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