McFarlane Toys DC & Spawn Teasers

At the end of 2021, McFarlane dropped some teasers for some of their upcoming products from DC and Spawn. First up to get the most disappointing one out of the way. A while ago McFarlane revealed a number of products from the upcoming The Batman film and one of the listings which weren’t revealed was a drifter Bruce Wayne with a bike figure and woof! it doesn’t look that good, I think it’s because the head looks rather small for the body and the body does look a bit too bulky which makes it look completely unrealistic.

The next up is the Endless Winter wave which looks fantastic which contains a wintery-themed Batman, John Stewart Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Black Adam. The build-a-figure is Frost King which looks absolutely fantastic in my opinion. I really love all the sculpted detail and I love the use of translucent plastic.

They also revealed two deluxe larger figures one being the Titan Joker from Batman Arkham Asylum video game and DC Rebirth Clayface. Both of these deluxe figures look fantastic and they make an Arkham Asylum Titan Joker as they have made a number of figures from Arkham Asylum. The DC Rebirth Clayface looks great and incredibly large. I am very impressed with the look of this figure and hopefully, we’ll know more about this figure soon.

For Spawn McFarlane has teased a 30th Anniversary Spawn figure which is an updated version of the 10th Anniversary articulated Spawn which came out 20 years ago. It looks fantastic and I love the classic look to Spawn with the all-black suit and the long flowing red cape with the shoulders parts flowing up. He also comes with an enlarged cross which looks to come from the Year 2 Batman. No word on as of yet when this figure will be released.

Here’s all the picture of the reveals.

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