McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Reveals November 2022.

Over the last few weeks, McFarlane Toys has revealed and teased a number of their DC Multiverse from various comics and games and as usual from McFarlane Toys a healthy dose of Batman figures. I must admit I am not all that familiar with some of these characters like the Jay Garrick version of The Flash, or The Signal. Here’s a list of the reveals.

  • Arkham City The Riddler
  • Knightfall Catwoman
  • Kingdom Come Batman
  • Kon-El Superboy
  • The Signal Duke Thomas
  • Infinite Frontier The Joker
  • Mr. Freeze
  • The Flash Jay Garrick
  • Dark Knights Metal Gladiator Batman

The sculpts on all of these do look excellent, especially on The Riddler, Mr. Freeze (who’ve waited for so long to appear in the line!), Catwoman, The Flash, and Gladiator Batman. I am really fond of the Infinite Frontier Joker too, he does stand out from the other Jokers that we have gotten over the last few years. I’m very happy that they are expanding their Arkham City line with the addition of Riddler who does look fantastic. It’s great that we’re getting the Dark Knights Metal Gladiator Batman to go with the Superman that was revealed a few months back.

I don’t doubt we’ll get more news on these soon as to what waves they’ll appear in and what accessories they’ll come with as well. My only problem with this line is trying to get hold of them in the UK as the two big online stores that I regularly buy from don’t get them in at all for pre-order and most retail stores that stock them are a joke and way behind as well. I am hoping that gets sorted out soon.

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