McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Reveals

In late July McFarlane Toys revealed and teased a few upcoming DC Multiverse figures. They revealed a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle two-pack that I know fans have been waiting for a long time as well as teased Gold Label Hal Jordon Parallax and Knightfall Azrael in Batman Armor.

All of these figures do look great and I am personally very impressed with the Booster and Blue two-pack as well as the Azrael Batman Armor figure which is so iconic and really 90’s. The Hal Jordan and Azrael will be Walmart exclusives in the States and I know that various retailers will have this available to order here in the UK.

I really like the classic looks of Booster and Blue Beetle and I know a lot of fans will be clamoring to get this set as this is the first time that these characters have appeared in the DC Multiverse line. They both come with some great accessories including a mobile phone which is perfect for Booster. I’d really like to get the Azrael as I really love the look of the costume and I love how the blue parts pop from the rest of the costume.

We don’t know what accessories will be included with Hal and Azrael as they have not been officially revealed yet so they aren’t up for pre-order yet unlike the Booster and Blue two-pack. Which will be out later this year.

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