McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Lobo & Superboy Prime Revealed

A few weeks ago McFarlane Toys dropped teasers of their DC Multiverse Lobo and Superboy Prime figures. Now they have officially revealed them and have put them up for pre-order. I have to say I am pretty excited for both of these figures especially the Lobo as we don’t get that many figures of the main man.

The sculpt of both these figures look great and are incredibly well-detailed figures which you come to expect from McFarlane Toys. We haven’t had that many figures of Lobo over the years and even though this isn’t the classic-looking Lobo he still looks absolutely fantastic. Of course, he’s much larger than most of the figures in the line as he is a larger character.

From the back of the packaging for these figures, you can see that they aren’t part of a BAF wave but are singular releases akin to some of the other McFarlane DC Multiverse figures that they have released lately. Lobo comes with a chain weapon and stand and Superboy comes with a flight stand and a stand. Both of these figures are scheduled to be released in November of this year.

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