McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Dark Knight Trilogy.

McFarlane Toys dropped teasers for the upcoming Dark Knight Trilogy wave with pictures of The Dark Knight Batman & The Dark Knight Two-Face figures, indicating that the figures should be going up for pre-order soon.

Last year we saw scans of the figures during NYCC so it’s nice to see the actual figures. The teasers for the figures do look excellent, especially Batman, and the Two-Face figure looks great as well. At this time we don’t know what the build-a-figure will be yet. Though we know that the other figures will be Scarecrow, Bane & The Joker.

I’d be curious to know what accessories the figures will be coming with especially since two of the character’s main weapons are guns. Hopefully, we’ll see the other characters soon with a pre-order date shortly afterward.

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