McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batman 89 Batmobile & Batman Gold Label Amazon Exclusive.

Shortly after the release of The Flash Batmobile, McFarlane Toys announced that they would be doing Batman 89 version. Many fans waited with bated breath for any follow-up from this announcement. Then on Thursday, they announced that it would be a Gold Label Amazon Exclusive and that it would be going up on Friday.

Before discussing my thoughts on the availability of this release I have to say it is a fantastic-looking set. The Batmobile looks excellent and the color of the canopy has been corrected. I really like the look of the Batman 89 figure, I think that the sculpt looks excellent.

I know that the cowl isn’t exactly correct as it covers the neck which limits the articulation. So I can see why McFarlane changed it so that he could have an articulated neck. I don’t have any qualms with that at all and I have the NECA 7″ in my collection so I already have a screen-accurate figure in my collection.

Unsurprisingly it sold out in minutes and was only available on Amazon US and not in other territories. I tried in vain on UK toy sites that sometimes stock Amazon Exclusive figures to see if they stocked it, but alas nothing. It didn’t take long to see a lot of comments on social media from fans who couldn’t get one and saw scalpers already put up their pre-orders on eBay for more than triple the price.

There’s no doubt about it, this release has been handled very badly. A lot of fans have been waiting for an affordable 7″ scale 89 Batmobile in their collection and it is an excellent-looking set. This set would have sold like hotcakes, so to make it a limited release and an Amazon exclusive of all things is incredibly baffling.

I don’t doubt we’ll get the Batman 89 figure in a Batman 89/Returns wave which I’m very excited about. So hopefully we’ll get a single release of the car as well and this Amazon Exclusive was the only way to get them together. Only time will tell but I hope the car and figure are easily available in the near future as this is a must-have for me.

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