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McFarlane Toys Reveal Their Debut Borderlands 3 figures!

I know that McFarlane Toys have been holding the license for Borderlands for quite some time, though it’s been a while since they released some figures from the license.

Now with Borderlands 3 on the horizon, McFarlane Toys have revealed the first two figures from Borderlands 3. As you can see the first two figures in the line are a grown-up Tiny Tina and the iconic goon(s) Psycho.

It should be noted that these figures won’t have the latest articulation like the newer licensed figures that McFarlane release. These two are rumored to have more than 12 points of articulation. Both figures look fantastic and are incredibly well detailed, Especially on Tiny Tina as she has such a vibrant costume. They replicate the shell shaded look from the game very well.

Each figure will come with a weapon. The Psycho comes with his Buzz Axe and Tiny Tina comes with a Torgue pistol. And they both come with their own display stands as well.

These figures are scheduled to be released later between August and September.

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