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McFarlane Toys Avatar The Last Airbender figures.

Last year McFarlane Toys announced that they had got the license to Avatar The Last Airbender, but at the time they didn’t give any details about the toys at all. Then over the weekend, an image of some figures was released. In the image, you can see Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Prince Zuko as well as Aang’s pet Appa. I’ve noticed from the pictures of the figures that they simpler articulation (swivel wrists and ankles) compared to McFarlane’s seven-inch scale figures which make many people believe that these are in fact 5″ scale figures.

McFarlane Toys are no strangers to 5″ figures as their Walking Dead and Assassins Creed line of figures were 5″ and also currently McFarlane has a 5″ My Hero Academia line of figures too as well as a more articulated 7″ line of figures too. People have found listings for some 7″ figures as well as a 12″ figure of Aang too. So it looks like McFarlane Toys will be going all-in with the Avatar The Last Airbender license.

The figures themselves look great, they look very much how they looked in the series as well, well how they looked in series 1. As a big fan of the series when I was younger I am definitely interested in getting these and to get a toy of Appa that’s in scale with the figures is great and I hope this line runs for a long while so we can get figures based on the characters appearances later on in the series. These figures are supposed to go up for pre-order soon and hopefully, McFarlane Toys will release more details then.

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