McFarlane Toys Avatar Lines!

During Disney D23 McFarlane Toys was there and Todd himself showcased a lot of the products from their various Avatar lines which there were three: a collectors line, a kid-friendly line, and a miniatures line. We really didn’t see Micro Machines-esque lines for a while and it’s nice that they are making a resurgence with this and the Star Wars Galaxy Squadron line.

The collector’s line of course has the most articulation and is the largest of the lines with a 7″ scale with the Navi figures being the 7″ figure and the human figure being about 5″. The kid-friendly line is the one with much smaller figures but includes vehicles and creatures and the smaller ones are the Micro Machines-Esque line being more like miniature playsets. I should mention that all three lines have the Bioluminescent feature which is activated under blacklight and a few of the toys don’t have it.

I am pretty impressed with the collector’s line which seems to be more based on the first Avatar rather than its sequel Avatar: Way of Water. The figures themselves look pretty impressive, especially the two Navi figures and the Banshee’s that they can ride which are very articulated too.

What’s really impressive is that these figures are up for pre-order now in the States and will be released next month. I am not sure when they will be available here in the UK, though I know they will be available in Smyths later this year.

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