McFarlane Toys Acquire Harry Potter License!

It was only a matter of time before another company picked up the Harry Potter license.

I’ve been very impressed with the S.H Figuarts Harry Potter figures but they’re currently out of my price range though they do look absolutely excellent. Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking that another company would pick up the Harry Potter license as Potter is making a comeback as Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone is nearly 20 years old.

Many toy manufacturers have released various products for the series of the years and recently Mattel have released some dolls, Star Toys are making high-quality 12-inch figures and S.H Figuarts are making excellent 6-inch scale figures.

No images have been released yet though I can confirm that the figures will be in the 6-inch scale and the first series of figures will be Harry, Ron, Hermoine, and Voldemort. They’ll also be releasing creatures as well and they’ll be in the 12-inch scale.

We don’t know yet what film the main three will be from, though I’m sure that’ll be revealed at Toy Fair later this week. Of course, I’m already sold on these it’s been a long time since we’ve seen affordable Harry Potter figures! and I hope we get the complete cast of characters!

I’m very excited to see these figures shown at Toy Fair later this week along with their other announcements!

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