Mattel Reveals Their WWE Elite SDCC Exclusive Slim Jim Macho Man Randy Savage!

Oooooooooh Yeah! Snap Into A Slim Jim!

Mattel have revealed their 2019 SDCC Exclusive WWE Elite figure which is WWE Elite Slim Jim Macho Man Randy Savage.

One of my favorite wrestlers of all time is Macho Man Randy Savage, even though I only knew about him after his passing and I knew he was very famous for the iconic Slim Jim adverts from the 90’s.

In all honesty, there’s never been any better advertising campaign than Randy Savage Slim Jim one. To this day I believe it’s why they are still sold in stores today.

Savage was well known for his flashy entrance and promo costumes and his outfit for the Slim Jim advert is equally flashy! Randy has a big smile on his face wearing a softgoods red, yellow and black jacket and matching cowboy hat with appropiately colored ring attire beneath.

Also, this release wouldn’t be complete without boxes of Slim Jim’s for him to hold and these really complete the look! The packaging is also fantastic and shaped like a Slim Jim box.

Like all WWE Elite figures Randy will be fully articulated. I should add that this figure will be available to order on Entertainment Earth from $29.00 from June 18th and will be available at Mattel’s SDCC booth for a discounted price.

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