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Mattel MOTU Masterverse Movie Teasers

I really don’t cover Masters of The Universe on this site but I was very intrigued when Mattel revealed that they would be doing Masterverse figures from the Masters of The Universe 87 film. I know that there was the classics line and Super 7 did the movie figures in that line and go for crazy high prices on the secondary market. I was never able to get them and I was hoping that Mattel would cover them in the Masterverse line (along with the 2000x figures which they are)

So I am extremely happy with this teaser. The likeness to Dolph Lundgren’s He-Man isn’t the best and one of the eyes looks a bit wonky in this prototype shown I am sure it won’t be a problem on the final figure as Mattel has fixed similar problems with some of their other Masterverse figures before they are released. All the other details are there, like with the hair and the costume, they look really on point and he looks to be coming with a lot of accessories which makes me really happy as well.

The Skeletor on the other hand looks fantastic and the likeness to Frank Langella under all the makeup looks terrific. Like with He-Man, his costume is extremely detailed. At this point in time, we don’t know when these figures will be going up for pre-order or release. Hopefully, they’ll release other characters from the film in this line as well which would be really nice. I know that the film isn’t that great but I do really like some of the character designs from it though. I’d definitely be very interested in getting these.

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