Mattel Masters of the Universe Giants and Classics Gwildor highlight latest video

Every once in a while, Mattel’s Masters of the Universe “Toy Guru” Scott Neitlich posts a video focusing on some upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics excitement, and that “once in a while” was yesterday.  The latest YouTube video from ToyGuru outlines the upcoming Masters of the Universe “Giants” subscription, giving us a great look at He-Man, Skeletor, Stratos, and Beast Man.  There are also some hints dropped about other potential releases coming down the pipe.

Along with the Giants debut, Scott also gives us a first look at the packaging for Gwildor, an upcoming subscription figure from the Masters of the Universe Classics line.  Gwildor was first introduced in the 1987 cult classic Masters of the Universe film, and became a staple of the universe after that fact.  Gwildor is actually a great example of what Mattel is doing (and has been doing) right with the Masters of the Universe Classics line.  Their ability to take elements of all different continuities and blend them together into a nice, cohesive toyline is impressive, to say the least.  It’s exactly the formula I’d love to see the G.I. Joe Collectors Club take with their G.I. Joe subscription service.  Classic representations are great and all, but let’s see some different universes come together as well.

But, I digress.  Check out Scott’s latest video below.

“Get a close-up look at the 2014 MOTU Giants: He-Man, Skeletor, Stratos & Beast Man. They’re faithful recreations of the vintage MOTU figures in massive 12” scale! Each figure has a twist waist power punch, “rubber band” legs, and vintage-style accessories. They come on an oversized vintage-style blister card featuring watercolor cross-sell art from 1982. We’ve also got a quick look ta Gwildor in his final packaging.”

By Nick Lenihan

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