Mattel & Disney Store Toy Story 4 Figures & Dolls

Toy Story 4 is almost here!

Disney have given a press release of some of the upcoming products from Toy Story 4. The big license holders in the west are Mattel and Disney themselves. Bandai are also releasing some model kits and they look fantastic!

Mattel is releasing a series of 7-inch figures based on some of the iconic characters from the films including Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Slinky, Rex, Bo Peep, Ducky, Bunny, Forky and Duke Caboom. As you can see we get a mix of classic characters and some of the new ones from the film. Hopefully, a Mr Potato Head and Pig aren’t too far behind!

I’m definitely in for the main characters we know and love and depending on how I feel once I’ve seen the fourth film I may get the new characters. For a basic kids line, they look fairly articulated and can appeal to some collectors.

Mattel are releasing a doll of Bo Peep with another outfit much like some of the Hasbro Disney dolls.

Disney will be releasing a series of interactive dolls including ones of Jesse and Buzz. Though no Woody Interactive doll has been announced yet. These very much look like the classic toys you could find when Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were released. But now they speak phrases and can interact with each other. I hope that the Buzz one comes in his space ship like the original toy did.

It should be noted that the Mattel figures are available in stores now. The interactive dolls will be released at the end of this month and the Bo Peeb doll which has no set release date yet.

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