Mattel Cancels MOTU Minis Line and Doomsday Ships Soon

As of late, Mattycollector (Mattel) have had to cancel a subscription service line and one of their most anticipated figures is finally going to start shipping after several months of delay.

Mattel have been expanding their line of Masters of The Universe toys steadily over the last few years. Their latest expansion attempt would be their MOTU Minis line, available exclusively through their Mattycollector subscription service.

Due to the lack of subscribers they canceled the line entirely. If you read the comments you can read a lot of disgruntled customer complaints against Mattel that they did not advertise it enough or that they didn’t bring it to retail.. Being honest I have no idea what will happen to this line; will the attempt it again? They have said that subscribers who supported the line would be issued their refunds within 7 to 10 business days. Though with that being said, Mattel claims they’ll be continue to bring new Masters of The Universe products out next year.

Also, one of the most sought after figures in Mattel’s DC 6-inch Line is finally getting released after months of delays. So Doomsday should be available before the holiday season in the states. If you’ve pre-ordered him you should get him soon and if not be available on the secondary market soon. They’ve said they’ll release more information soon.

Epic image by ‘He Bro on Facebook.

By Nick Lenihan

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