Mattel at Toy Fair 2014 – MOTUC, DC Universe Super Powers, and MORE

In case you didn’t know, Toy Fair 2014 is happening at this very moment. Sure, it’s an industry only event, but Mattel was kind enough to share all of their reveals with the world. Mattel at Toy Fair 2014 could potentially mean disappointment, but this year I think they pulled it together and are going to have a great 2014.

New MOTUC Subscription

The first big reveal from Toy Fair was their new limited subscription arriving in July to celebrate the 30th anniversary of She-Ra. Similar to last year’s Club Filmation, this year’s add-on subscription is going to have 6 new figures that will be shipping July through December. Subscribers are going to receive an exclusive figure that will never be sold separately. Club Etheria goes on sale Monday, 2/17 from 9 a.m. PT to Monday, 3/10 at 11:59 p.m. PT. The figures revealed include:

  • Double Mischief: Coming 7/15
  • Madam Razz & Broom: Coming 8/15
  • Entrapta: Coming 9/15
  • Light HopeFirst time ever! All new sculpt, club-exclusive figure. Coming 10/15.
  • Mystery Accessory: There was a lot of buzz about this one.

Gotham Tunnel Takedown – Batman 7-Pack

If you still haven’t been able to find Mattel’s new 4″ figures at retail, don’t worry because come this Fall there is going to be a Batman 7-Pack. This 7-pack is set to include Batman, Azrael Batman, Red Robin, Nightwing, and 3 villains – Two Face, The Joker, and Mega Solomon Grundy.

DC Universe Super Powers

Perhaps one of the most exciting annoucments from Mattel was about their upcoming DC Universe Super Powers figures. As the milestone of DC Universe Classics and DC Signature collection come to a close, Mattel is giving the lines one last hurrah with their DC Universe Super Powers collection just in time for the 30th anniversary of Super Powers. The final six figures are going to be done Four Horsemen style, with packaging harkening back to the classic 80’s toy line. Figures to be released are:

  • Batman: coming September
  • Superman: coming September
  • Wonder Woman: coming September
  • Gold Superman: coming October
  • Green Lantern as The Riddler: coming October
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk: coming October
  • Kalibak: collect and connect figure

*It should be noted that these final 6 figures are really the end of DC Universe and Mattel. Don’t mistake this epic Super Powers finale as Mattel rebranding their 6″ line. It’s officially over here.


DC Universe Total Heroes

As we say goodbye to DC Universe Classics, we say hello to DC Universe Total Heroes. These kid focused figures appear to be a big hit at retail, and they are here to stay. At Toy Fair 2014 Mattel revealed Firestorm, one of four quarterly deluxe figures for 2014.


Among the Toy Fair reveals for Club Eternia were this year’s chase figures, Loo-Kee & Kowl. They are going to be available to subscribers during early access in April, priced to sell at $20. After that they will pop-up randomly like the Hordak Spirit last year. Also shown was Goat Man (traveling convention figure), Rio Blast (coming September 2014), and a mystery accessory.


Even though the figures are small, the reveals were big at Toy Fair. Mattel announced two new MOTU Minis 2-packs, and said the last 2 packs will be revealed at SDCC 2014.

  • Pack 3: Mini Scareglow & Stratos Figures
  • Pack 4: Mini Faker & Man-at-Arms Figures

Marvel Character Hot Wheels

Finally the last reveal from Mattel was their new line of 1:64 scale Marvel character Hot Wheels cars. Here is a sneak peak at the first 7 cars.

via Mattel

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