Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man Figure Review

So I finally decided to take the leap into the Masters of the Universe Classics line and picked up He-Man. I thought that He-Man would be a good place to start, right? Over the next month or so I will be doing a TON of Masters of the Universe Classics action figure reviews so stay tuned. Join me now as we take a look at the Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man Figure Review.

This new line of Masters of the Universe Classics action figures is more focused on appealing to the “Adult Collector”. With that being said you can pretty much only buy them on (Mattel’s website). It is really terrible that such great figures are only available in such limited distribution and at much higher prices than the normal figure would cost. But are they worth it?

It should be noted that this is a second issue of He-Man and it has “Original” on the package before his name.


I really like the packaging that He-Man comes in. There is an 80’s feeling to it and it looks similar to what the older style packages looked like. The top of the package has the “Masters of the Universe” logo and then on the bubble you can see some white lightning. The bubble shows off the figure really well, which is nice if you are going to be keeping your MOTUC figures MOC.

On the back of the packaging there is a nice bio for He-Man and then there are some other figures that you should probably collect if you want to keep up with the MOTUC line. I think there could be a little bit more graphics on the back, particularly in the white area. I hate white.

One thing to note about the Masters of the Universe Classics figures is that they come from MattyCollector in a white “mailer box”. There is tissue paper in the box covering the bubble to prevent scratching. It’s a nice attempt by Mattel to appeal to collectors, but the cards can still come damaged.


He-Man’s appearance is based on what he looked like in the 80’s but with some more details and textures. This is the type of figure that a kid in the 80’s would have died to have.

Since this is my first MOTUC figure I was actually really impressed with the quality. I was expecting much less from Mattel. Especially after those DC Unlimited Wave 3 Images have surfaced. You can see the mold lines when you look close at the figure. It’s not really a problem to me though because it gives you the “toy” feeling rather than collectible.

He measures right in at about 7″ tall. He comes with a bunch of accessories. He has a shield that clips on his arm, a battle axe, a sword, and a half of a sword. I guess that the other half of the sword comes with Skeletor and you pop the 2 pieces together to form the complete sword. Odd, but ok.


The paint on this figure is really impressive considering it’s somewhat of a mass market toy. It is nearly flawless. I had to look very close to find any trace of slop but there was just a little bit on the red on his vest thing. (I don’t know what you call that thing.)


This is one of the most articulated figures that I have picked up in this scale in awhile. I think he has just the right amount of articulation to satisfy.

He has a ball jointed neck and head. It is a little bit limited due to his hair hanging over the back but overall I can’t complain. He has ball jointed shoulders that have perfect range of motion that you would expect an action figure to have. He also has swivel biceps, pin elbows, and swivel wrists. The pin elbows are great and allow for just about any ass kicking pose you can think of.

In his torso region he has the ab crunch joint and a swivel at the waist. Lower body articulation is ball jointed hips, pin knees, and pin ankles. Everything about the lower body is great. The hips in particular. I am usually pretty picky about the hip region and this guy has fantastic hip movement.

My figure did have a loose ankle joint but I was able to fix it with a little bit of work.


I wasn’t a very big Masters of the Universe fan before I bought this figure and since I have bought him I have bought 20 other figures in the MOTUC line. (reviews coming) Sure the price point is kind of high at about $22 dollars each plus $8 shipping but I think its worth it. The quality in the figure is there 100%. If you wait until MattyCollector has a sale like they did on Black Friday then you can get the figures for cheaper ($15.40) and you can buy a whole bunch and get combined shipping. That’s what I did. Though there is a risk of never getting the figure that you want if you do it this way.

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UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for the Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man action figure.

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