Marvel Universe Jubilee Figure Review – Wave 21 Series 4

Jubilee debuted in Uncanny X-Men #244 in 1989. She followed Storm, Dazzler, Psylocke, and Rogue out of a shopping mall and through a portal to their base in Australia. Since then she has fought as a member of the X-Men, often alongside Wolverine, to protect the people who hate and fear her. More recently, she lost her firecracker powers during the M-Day event, became a vampire, and, adopted a boy named Shogo.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Marvel Universe Jubilee figure. She was released as part of the 21st wave of this series along with Professor X and Blastaar.


Jubilee came packed in standard blister card packaging. As always, the card looks great and the packaging really shows off the figure. It’s got the collectible comic shot for X-Factor #62. (For those of you who haven’t read it, it’s part of the X-Tinction Agenda crossover event. Jubilee is in the issue, but she’s not prominently featured).

The back has a good description of classic Jubilee, although the figure is in her more recent vampire outfit. It’s also worth noting that Jubilee lost her powers in M-Day, long before she became a vampire, but still comes with her “firework” plasma ball. The Dazzler on the back of the box saying “Let’s see you do this on roller skates” is a funny touch, and the Jubilee painted behind the “Marvel Universe” logo looks amazing.

Out of the Box

Overall, the figure is pretty good. The face, however, is not working as well as the body. The left eye of my figure is cocked slightly to the left and her expression looks more like that of a business-woman than a heroine.

The rest of the figure captures her well. The plasma, which comes with roughly every third figure in this line, doesn’t fit well on the hands, but it hasn’t for any of the other figures, so that’s to be expected. On the back of the package, they have her holding it from the back end, but there’s no way they got it to stay like that without glue. The fingers just aren’t close enough together.


The figure is well articulated. She’s got:
• A ball jointed and hinged head
• Swivel/hinge shoulders
• Swivel/hinge elbows
• Swivel wrists
• Ball joint torso
• Ball joint hips
• Swivel thighs
• Double-joint knees
• Swivel shins
• Swivel/hinge feet

Her coat, while it’s the best-looking part of the figure, restricts the motion of her legs. Other than that, the figure works well. The head can move into just about any position you could want, and the arms move well.


Like I said before, the eyes are a little messed up, but everything else looks great. They kept the paint from the brown hair separate from the pink sunglasses, which must’ve been hard to do. They’ve got the team “X” on her belt, which is a good detail.


It’s a new sculpt, and it looks good. It’s the first female figure from this line to come with a jacket, and while it restricts the motion of her legs, it’s the best part of the figure.

This figure is a solid figure, but not great. If you love the character, or need her to complete a set, she’s worth the $10.


If you’re interested, she’s available at Amazon for $12 or Atomic Toy Store for $11.99.

UPDATE: This figure is no longer available through most retailers. You can still find her through the above link on Amazon, and you can always head on over to eBay and search for a sweet deal on this Marvel Universe Jubilee figure.

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