Marvel Universe Dr. Doom Figure Review Wave 14 015

For today’s figure review we are going to venture back into the Marvel Universe. Join me as we take a look at the Marvel Universe Dr. Doom Figure Review!

Other figures from wave 14 are Doctor Strange, Falcon, Scarlet Spider, and Skaar. This figure is actually a redeco of the comic 2 pack that was released in the same scale.


The packaging for Dr. Doom is the same as the other figures that are released in the Marvel Universe line by Hasbro. His blister is a little bit bigger than some of the smaller figures to accommodate him and his cape.

On the front of the card, you get a comic image of Dr. Doom himself and the large Marvel Universe logo along the top.

Hiding behind Dr. Doom in the blister you can see the figure stand! Yes, he has a figure stand!

On the back of the card, there is another basic image of the figure and a quick bio for Dr. Doom. It reads:

The world is a more frightening place when DR. DOOM is around. His intellect, sorcery and intense appetite for evil make him a true super villain. DR. DOOM ceaselessly toils with new technology in his Latverian workshop. He is constantly innovating – from new and improved doombots to ultra-strong armors – DR. DOOM plies his evil trade so that sometime in the near future he may destroy the heroes of the Marvel Universe!

The packaging is very collector friendly, especially for MOC collectors. I like it.


The sculpt for this figure is pretty awesome. The cloth areas of his costume are sculpted with a cloth-like texture. The detail in this texture really adds depth where you could have just expected that Hasbro would have cheeped out on. They cheap out on lots of stuff so why not on the cloth? His cape is removable if you don’t want him to have it on. I have had some problems when handling him though. His cape just seems to fall off way too easy. Maybe I’m just clumsy though.

All of his proportions are spot on and one thing really worth noting is his hand sculpts. They are LEGENDARY! They allow you to put you figure in the iconic Dr. Doom poses that every fan is going to want. Excellent job on the hand sculpts.

His body parts also feature some nice details even if he is sharing with his good old friend Ultron. The belt even has belt holes and a buckle. I wish the holster on his belt would open, but sadly its closed.


My figure’s paint is not so hot. The areas of his limbs where there are the black areas are pretty sloppy. Some other areas have black slop on them too.

His Head was painted nicely, though. His eyes and teeth are both painted gold. They are kind of hard to see due to the sculpt, though. All of the smaller areas seem to be nicely done like the belt buckle and the cap on his holster.

The black slop is kind of distracting overall, therefore affecting the score.


Articulation is where this guy is lacking. He has:

  • Swivel head
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders
  • Swivel biceps
  • Hinge elbows
  • Swivel wrists
  • Ball joint torso
  • Twist at the waist
  • Ball joint hips
  • Double joint knees
  • Hinge ankles

Just about all of the joints are extremely loose out of the box. His upper body is rather easy to pose and you should really have no problems with him there. His lower body is where the problems start.

His hips are rather odd like some of the other Marvel Universe figures. That couples with his shirt going over his thighs. There are slits in both sides of the shirt that help a little bit with this but there are still a few problems. Most of the poses that you are going to get him in are going to involve him standing straight up.

I was slightly disappointed with his articulation.

Fun Factor

Though this guy comes with no accessories he can still be fun. Those killer hand sculpts are what does the trick for Dr. Doom. But is he good enough for the Punisher? I don’t think so!


Overall the sculpt is pretty spot on. I was disappointed with the paint job and the articulation. If you were able to pick this guy up in the Secret Wars double pack then I would say you are missing nothing if you skip this guy. He’s not exactly a bad figure, he’s just not amazing. If you are a completest then you, of course, are going to have to get this guy.

Ordering Options

UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for the Marvel Universe Doctor Doom action figure.

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