Marvel Select Sandman!

Flint Marko Joins The Marvel Select Line

Diamond Select Toys have revealed a number of products before their show at Toy Fair this weekend. One of the items is a Marvel Select Sandman figure.

Now, this is completely unexpected as Diamond Select had just revealed Psylocke a few weeks ago. Now they’ve just revealed Sandman and I have to say it looks fantastic.

They’ve recreated Flint Marko’s classic look down pat with his green striped shirt and haircut there’s no denying this is Flint Marko.

I really do love the sand base and the fact that he comes with some interchangeable parts. He comes with interchangeable arms which are a sand fits, claw, and mace. Not only that but you can remove his legs and replace them with a tower of sand!

I haven’t seen all the accessories and I already really want it!

This figure is expected to be released in the Fall/Winter of this year. Sandman will be shown at Toy Fair hopefully along with some more unannounced Marvel Select figures!


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