Marvel Select Rhino Figure Review (Diamond Select)

From the moment that I saw the Marvel Select Rhino Figure tearing up the New York cityscape on Diamond Select’s Facebook page, I knew that this figure was a must have Marvel Select release. Just about all of the Marvel Select releases recently have been pretty amazing. Ultron was the most recent one that I have picked up, and I absolutely loved him. Today we are going to take a look at the Marvel Select Rhino Figure – is this massive beast of a figure worth it? Continue reading the review to find out!

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Note: My Spider-Man figures are all packed up in storage, so the Constrictor will have to do for comparison. Sorry!


Rhino comes in the standard oversized bookend style packaging that you are expected to find a Marvel Select figure in. The packaging shows off the figure well inside the bubble and there’s even some art with the Rhino bursting through a wall on the lower left-hand side. Along the left, you will find the character’s name and the Marvel Select logo. The packaging hasn’t changed since the start, and I assume that all the MOC collectors out there would have a riot if it even changed the slightest little bit.

The side of the packaging always features some great artwork with the character, and this release is no different. The artwork is always my favorite part of the Marvel Select packaging.

The back of the packaging has a bio for the character and a full-size image of him as well. Below that are some other Marvel Select releases. One previous release and one upcoming release. You can find a review of the Marvel Select Storm figure HERE.


The sculpting on Rhino is phenomenal. You will be more than impressed when you get this figure in hand. First of all he stands a towering 9 inches tall from his feet to the tip of his tallest horn. Then he has a ton of muscles. Muscles always make a figure look badass, right?

His entire suit is covered in a cracked texture, giving him the appearance of a realistic rhino. His hoofs have a tarnished look to them, looking like they have been beaten up and worn out.

His head is the only part of his body where we see the skin of Aleksei, with everything else covered by the already described awesome Rhino suit. His head features some great details as well. There are some wrinkles on the back of his neck where the Rhino suit has bunched up and even black rhino eyes on the side of his head.


The paint on this figure is pretty simple, but there are really no mistakes to be found. The grey is just a flat grey with some light grey dry brushing, really bringing out the cracks in the sculpt. The hoofs and the horn have a dirty/worn look to them, and it looks fantastic on the figure. IF there were mistakes on this simple of a paint job, the score would have to reflect it majorly.


Given how bulky the Marvel Select Rhino’s sculpt is, his articulation is pretty great. I was honestly expecting it to be far less that what he really has. He does have:

  • Ball joint neck
  • Ball joint shoulders
  • Swivel/hinge elbows
  • Swivel wrists
  • Floating torso
  • Swivel/hinge hips
  • Swivel/hinge knees
  • Swivel/hinge ankles

The articulation in the neck works pretty good, though it would have been nice to tilt his head a little bit farther down towards his enemy. You can use his other joints to compensate for this a little bit, but you really need a little bit more movement in the neck joint. His arm joints all work like you would expect them to and his floating torso joint has some great, fluid movement.

His lower body articulation is a little bit harder to work with. His hips in particular. They are attached really awkwardly to his body, making posing difficult at first. Once you get used to it you can get him in most of the poses that you want, though. Since he has a bulky sculpt, don’t expect to get his legs into any extreme poses, though.

He does have some great ankle rockers, though, allowing for some great poses.


This figure doesn’t come with any accessories what so ever. I wasn’t really expecting any weapons, but I was expecting at least a base or backdrop. After all, that is one of the best things about getting Marvel Select figures.


Even if you aren’t a Marvel Select collector this is a must get figure. This figure was made in 7 inch scale, but still fits in great with your 6″ Marvel Legends figures. If you compare this Rhino figure to any other Rhino that was ever made, it’s clear that this is the best one that we have seen. The sculpt and paint are amazing, and really, they complement each other nicely. Once you get a hang of the awkward articulation in the lower body you will have a blast with this figure. A must buy.


UPDATE: If you are interested in buying the Marvel Select Rhino figure then eBay is probably your best bet.  Click this link to search eBay for this Marvel Select Rhino action figure.

This figure was provided for review from the manufacturer.

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