Marvel Legends X-Men Ch’od Wave Revealed!

Late last year Hasbro revealed all the figures in an upcoming X-Men wave without telling what the build-a-figure is, Which left fans speculating about who it could be. There were some guesses that it would be the lesser-known villain Ch’od who appeared in the Toybiz X-Men line many years ago.

I am not all that familiar with the villain, and I was looking forward to seeing the actual characters that would make up the wave revealed late last year. The figure of Ch’od himself looks excellent I don’t know much about him.

The figures that I was most looking forward to in this wave are Starjammer Corsair, Emma Frost, and Cyclops. I have already pre-ordered the three of these on Star Action Figures. I think the figures look fantastic and I’m really impressed with Starjammer Corsair whom I’m familiar as well. I really love the saber and laser flintlock pistol and the head sculpt looks fantastic.

The new Cyclops figure looks great and I have always really loved the outfit I have noticed in the product listing that the laser smoke effect is removable from his visor but we don’t see that in the gallery of pictures at all. I am very excited about the Emma Frost figure which is in one of her more classic-looking costumes. I know some people have complained about the head sculpt but I have no issue with it all it’s how she’s meant to look cold. I’m just a little disappointed that she doesn’t come with any effects pieces just a pair of interchangeable hands which we usually see with female Marvel Legends comic figures.

I am not too familar with all the members of X-Men but the other figures do look great especially if you’re looking to build teams within the X-Men. These figures went up for pre-order yesterday and are scheduled to be released this summer.

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