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Marvel Legends X-Men 20th Anniversary Cable & Venomized Captain America Revealed

Just a little while ago today Hasbro revealed some new products from their various licenses. Among them were two Marvel Legends reveals. They revealed a single carded Marvel Legends X-Men 20th Anniversary Cable figure from Deadpool 2 and a Venomized Captain America figure.

These are listed as Walmart exclusives in the States and they are available internationally. I’m very curious that they have released Cable on his own as he is also featured in a two-pack with Domino which hasn’t been officially revealed yet, though I did hear it would be a store exclusive. Or Hasbro has changed their mind and are releasing him on his own and the other Deadpool movie figures in their own wave.

I also know that Venomized Captain America was supposed to be part of a Spiderman: Maximum Venom wave and that may still be the case. I personally really love the look of these figures especially the Cable figure.

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