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Marvel Legends WWII Captain America & Bike Set Update

Is this the best figure vehicle set from Hasbro yet?

At Toy Fair earlier this year Hasbro revealed their upcoming releases in their Marvel Legends line. Among them was a WWII Captain America and bike set.

If you can recall i was absolutely overjoyed with the announcement as I’ve always wanted a WWII Captain America on my shelf and I know Hasbro’s previous WWII Cap goes for crazy prices on the secondary especially if still in packaging.

Now Hasbro have revealed more images and I’m even more excited. I should note that this isn’t up for pre-order yet but it should be sometime after SDCC next month. Also it should be able available at retail in the fall of this year.

We now have a better look at Cap, his bike and all the accessories that he comes with! As you can see Cap comes with saddle bags for the motorcycle and for himself he comes with:

  • Sheild
  • Knife
  • Pistol
  • Thompson Machine Gun

It’s unclear at this time if the helmet is removable and the only accessory that I feel is missing is an unmasked Steve Rogers head, though you could use the Winter Soldier Steve Rogers head if that could fit on the ball joint.

It’s great that he has a working side holster for his pistol and a sheath for his knife and that he actually comes with a Thompson Machine gun that he can use or be holstered on the bike. I really like that they’ve given Cap an old fashioned shield that can pegged on to his back and be stored there.

There’s no doubt about it the sculpt and paint on both the figure and bike is absolutely excellent. I really love the costume, especially the jacket and the harness over top is so well detailed and makes storing his shield on his back look more realistic.

This set is an absolute must-have for any fan of Captain America and I will try my best to get this in my collection!

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