Marvel Legends Wave 1 Terrax Action Figure Review

We come to the end of this series with the Marvel Legends Wave 1 Terrax action figure review! Terrax is the figure that gets build if you can gather all of the pieces from the other figures.

The other figures in this wave that may be of interest to you are Steve Rogers, Hope Summers, Iron Man, Klaw, Constrictor, Ghost Rider, and Thor.

Out of the Box

Once you get all the pieces together Terrax looks pretty good. There is nothing amazing on him that stands out but he still looks good.

His sculpt is completely brand new and looks great. You can see the details on his muscles nicely. His clothing is not sculpted on him so you can take it off if you like that better. His arms are pretty hard to get off if you do want to take his clothes off. Terrax comes with an axe for an accessory.

I am digging the head sculpt. He has a very distinct expression.

For the paint there really isn’t much painted but where there is it looks good. His eyes are painted metallic silver and have a nice shine that adds to the look.

The upper part of his outfit was damaged slightly (see pictures below). I have been looking around at other pictures of him and it seems the same for most everyone.


For Terrax’s articulation he has up and down and left and right movement on his head, ball joint shoulders, twist in the biceps, single hinge elbow, swivel hinge wrists, torso crunch, twist in his waist, ball jointed hips, double joint knees, swivel mid shin, and peg rotator ankles.

The figure feels very solid and has no problems with any movements. The ankles are awesome and I would love to see them on more figures.

If you get only one figure from this line then Terrax would be the way to go.


UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

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What are your opinions of the Marvel Legends wave 1 Terrax action figure review?

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