Marvel Legends Wave 1 Klaw Action Figure Review

Then next figure in the series is the Marvel Legends Wave 1 Klaw Action figure review. On the package he is called “Marvel’s Klaw” but I am just going to call him Klaw. After all it is pretty obvious that he is “Marvel’s Klaw” because he comes in the Marvel Legends line.

If you are interested in the other action figures in the Marvel Legends wave 1 then there is Steve Rogers, Hope Summers, Iron Man, Constrictor, Ghost Rider, Thor, and of course Terrax (the BAF for wave 1).


The art on all of the packages for the return of Marvel Legends is pretty impressive. It features the character on both the front and back. On the back there is also a quick bio and the rest of the figures in wave 1.

As said in the other reviews for this line there is one thing that I hate with the new packaging. On the front where it reads “Build A Figure Collection” there is a small tab of cardboard that sticks out and that gets damaged very easily. I ordered the entire case and 7 of 8 figures had that same spot damaged. It didn’t bother me too much because I opened them all but still.

Out of the Box

Out of the box Klaw looks ok. I didn’t even want this figure but since I got the whole case, why not? His sculpt is the same as the Silver Surfer in the Ronan the Accuser wave. The only new pieces to him is his face and his sonic emitter. I have to admit I do like they way the emitter turned out.

His head looks ok too. There are some good details. But the rest of the body makes Klaw look like wimp. His body is just about as skinny as Hope Summers!

The paint is not very good I don’t think. He has almost no paint but in the places he does it was done badly. On his shorts if you look close enough you can see the the red above the zig zag when it is supposed to be purple. His sonic emitter has nice metallic paint but other than that he is pretty plain.

Klaw comes packaged with Terrax’s left leg.


As far as articulation goes Klaw has the ability to move his neck both up and down and side to side, ball jointed shoulders, twist in the biceps, double elbow, swivel/hinge wrist, torso joint, a twist at the hips, double knees, and swivel/hinge ankles.

Klaw’s hips are the only problem that I have with articulation. His hip pegs enter the pelvis at a 45 degree angle and in order to lift up the legs you have to turn the hip around first and then pivot it up. This is very annoying if you are trying to pose him.

Over all the figure is pretty good minus the hip region.

Ordering Options

UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for the Marvel Legends Klaw action figure.

What are your opinions of the Marvel Legends Wave 1 Klaw Action Figure Review?

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