Marvel Legends Wave 1 Constrictor Action Figure Review

Here is the continuation of the reviews with Marvel Legends Wave 1 Constrictor action figure review! Constrictor is the 5th action figure in the return of Marvel Legends.

Other figures in this wave you may be interested in are Steve Rogers, Hope Summers, Iron Man, Klaw, Ghost Rider, Thor, or even Terrax (the BAF for wave 1).


I am really digging all the packaging for the return of Marvel Legends. On the front and back we have some nice artwork featuring Constrictor. On the back there is also a very brief bio and the rest of the figures in the wave. The bubble is taped on 2 sides and glued on the top and bottom. But wait, theres more, the bottom of the bubble is actually perforated so you can take your figure out easily. When you are done with it you can slip him back in the package for display or storage.

There is one small complaint that I have with the packaging though as said in the other reviews for this wave. On the front of the card where it says “Build A Figure Collection” there is a small tab that sticks out. That tab gets damaged really easily and most of my figures were damaged on the spot when I received the case.

Other than that I like the packaging to a point.

Out of the Box

Right out of the box Constrictor’s first impression is that he looks great. His body is reused from other characters. If you look closely then you can see a sculpted belt that isn’t supposed to be there… Where is his belt buckle?

The whips look nice, there are different lines separating the different sections. I am also really loving the head sculpt. His facial expression fits him perfect.

As the the paint it is pretty clean but you can see some spots that were slipped on. The teeth are painted perfectly and look amazing.

Constrictor comes packaged with Terrax’s upper torso.


For Constrictor’s articulation he has a ball joint neck, pectoral hinges, ball joint shoulders, twist in the bicepts, double elbows, twist in the forearm, torso joint, swivel waist, ball joint hips, double knees, twist on the shins, and swivel/hinge ankles.

The pectoral hinges are amazing. They allow you to do some more realistic poses. I hate the hips though. They are the same as Klaw’s. The can be very frustrating if you are trying to pose them.

Overall I would recommend picking up this figure if you are going to only be getting parts of wave 1.

Ordering Options

UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for the Marvel Legends Constrictor action figure.

What are your opinions of the Marvel Legends Wave 1 Constrictor action figure review?

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